Hello world! Will Race Destory America? Has Race Destoryed America? Or, Has America Ever Been?

March 22, 2009
Scarborough CreedThe plethora of extremist racial views that exist in our society should be cause for all to be alarmed. As of last week when new Attorney General Eric Holder called us a Nation of Cowards because of what may be perceived as a national tendency to avoid discussions on race deemed necessary to progress us to, well, America.

America never was America to me,” wrote poet Langston Hughes. The poem, written in 1938 addressed the disenfranchisement blacks, as a result of racism and the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, had experienced. Michelle Obama reiterated this old theme nearly 80 years later when, speaking in Wisconsin last February, she said: (for) the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.

Holder’s iteration of this theme, yet again, reminds me of a novel or research paper in which the author subtly reintroduces his main point so that the author doesn’t forget it.

Can you imagine America without racism?