RacismsBest! Scarborough CreedHi all. I’m expanding this blog from the Blogspot page to see which platform is more user friendly.

Thanks for visiting.

If you got any candidates that should be featured, hit me up!

Scarborough Creed


5 Responses to About

  1. incogman says:

    Howdy Negro!

    Mighty impressive “About” photo ya got there, African. You Negroes love a nice suit of threads, huh? Nothing like a Negro in a suit to say “Ahs so well cordnated, ahs gots to be one smart Africanus American!” Yes, indeedy.


    • Scarbeau says:

      What’s up Incogman? Thanks for stopping by and saying (almost) hello. Do me a favor, sometime, and explain for me the legacy of hate.


  2. themadjewess says:

    Incogman…you are a WEAK COWARDLY PUTZ.
    Its just too bad that you don’t die 🙂

  3. incogman says:

    Oh gawd, some wacked-out Jewess and a suited-up homie getting all together about the big bad Nazi. You can have her Negro, we all know you like ’em fat and ugly. 😉

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