“NiggerReport,” what a great domain name! But it’s disappointingly knockoff racism at it’s best! While potential’s there, w/Niggermania & Chimpout “The Nigger Report” fails to deliver & if you’re like me and like good racism, you’re going to be disappointed.

November 2, 2012

“What a great domain name!” I thought.  I have to admit my excitement at discovering the new hoped to be inflammatory, failing anti-black  “Nigger Report” Web rag.

Fashioned after conservative Web publisher Matt Drudge’s DrudgeReport, liberal Web publisher Roger Cadenhead’s DrudgeRetort, self stated not anti black Web publisher Nick Kasoff‘s ThugReport the NiggerReport attempts to entertain and insult with out-of-date and disappointing unoffensive, epithet  filled headlines by using the stories of blacks who find themselves  in easily ridiculable situations that have made commercial news headlines.

The NiggerReport’s main masthead works! But the banality in the use of gorillas and apes to represent and insult blacks demonstrates the actual racist-ness-less of the page’s author. Racism requires power and rich bigotry can even appear as racism. Poor bigotry, however, reveals itself to be nothing more than desperate attempts to insult – and desperate attempts to insult don’t insult.

Ultimately, while I’m still excited about the domain,  I hope it rotates, because the headlines are the same as those on other Illuminati-like, poor white trash wanna be anti-black sites as Chimpout and Niggermania. It begs the question, “why not just go to one of those sites for the content. The greater problem, though, is NiggerReport  fails to offend.

I just did a Google search for what might be considered a trite cliche: “nothing here to see here folks” and managed to find a definition for it in Aaron Peckham’s UrbanDictionary. The initial query results actually held more interest for me than after my visit to Nigger Report and that’s because, those of us who excite at good race hate, don’t like poor quality racism. Read the rest of this entry »