“YourNiggerPresident.wordpress.com!” 4 Star Racism! Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!

June 16, 2012

IMO, and as racism’s premium critic on the WWW, I have the experience to say that rarely is anti-black racism presented with the enthusiasm found in YourNiggerPresident.wordpress.com that all, even we the ‘niggers’ it obsesses to slight, can enjoy it! ┬áDo a Google query! Look at the impressive epithet filled headlines results it returns: Read the rest of this entry »


Rapes are “Muh Dikings,” Black Males are (of course) “Niggers;” ” Black Suspects are “Suspooks,” Obama’s “Obongo:” Irateirishman “Just when you think niggers can’t sink any lower” Blog is BEST RACISM ON INTERNET 2012! (Screen capture below)

May 24, 2012