Why Didn’t You Crank That James Von Brunn? Ethnic Cleasing Day at the Holocaust Museum II, Courageous Incogman Sure to “Finish” what Von Brunn Started!

June 12, 2009
James Von Brunn's Last Stand (with Incogman)

(L) James Von Brunn; (R) Internet blogger Incogman

What do you do? You’re a recognized white nationalist / supremacist in a country and world where the ideology eroded. The good old days where blacks entered in backdoors, drank from colored fountains and sat at the back of the bus are all faint memories; and, for all the kudos given him,  Hitler was a failure.

Obama's Owned by the JewsAt the end of the day eighty eight year old ames Wenneker Von Brunn had enough! He double-parked his 2002 Red Hyundai outside the crowded tourist attraction at lunchtime Wednesday and was approaching the entrance when security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns “was kind enough to open the door” for him, apparently in the belief that the elderly man wanted to visit the museum, Washington Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said.

“You want my weapons — this is how you’ll get them,” a notebook with handwritten notations left behind in Von Brunn’s car stated, the affidavit said. ” The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America’s money. Jews control the mass media. The 1st Amendment is abrogated — henceforth.”

See: The Zionist Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, by Incogman

Von Brunn’s spunk and enthusiasm reminded me of another of my racial best picks – Incogman.  He appears as a premiere link in my blogroll and again under the white links header.

Though (now) I think Incogman’s all blog and doesn’t have Von Brunn’s guts, maybe in a couple of years he’ll toughen up and make up his mind to stage: Ethnic Cleasing Day at the US Holocaust Museum II and finish what Von Brunn started.

Von Brunn drove Hyundai to Holocaust Museum

I just hope he doesn’t drive a Hyundai to get there



Czech Police: No Holocaust Denial; Nigga’s Chutzpah VS Netanyahu’s Balls, True Jew, Fake Jew Debacle & Benjamin H. Freedman: So Called Jews Coined “Anti-Semitism as a Smear Word: Smoke Screen for Communism! Socrates’ Trivia: almost every conflict in the Middle East was started by the Jews

May 22, 2009

Nigga's Chutzpah & Netanyahu's Balls

I’m very fond of Socrates‘ blast on “White Jesus'” Chutzpah or what he calls Jewish arrogance. Now don’t take that to mean I don’t like the Jews. Since David Duke’s arrest for Czech Republic for denying the Holocaust, in fear of the day when the Czech police will rule the world, I modifying the AmericaBurning.Blogspot.com making comments on Israel policy. Though I would never say anything against Israel, anyway – and never have, below, Socrates thrashes the illigitimate regime’s hypocrisy on Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. Albeit, I wonder how he’d feel if it was black Americans who wanted our own stockpile of nukes.

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Channon Christian didn’t get enough hot dogs down her hallways & didn’t give Letalvis enough hand jobs with her mouth & Israel pays for it? Ahmadinejad’s Solution: Iran to Develop Ultraviolet Weapons to Exterminate “Illegitimate Israel & Elvis Presly”

April 24, 2009

Today’s racism is going somewhere! I promise!

Do you like making fun of Asian people? The first link’s to ByronCrawford. The 2nd’s from Racialicious. You got to love a brother with a Boycott Israel banner. It’s the lesser slave mentality thing, in today’s Israel bash, I submit. The militarily lopsided attacks of Israel on the Palestinians makes me think the Palestinians must be niggers(guaranteed non gratuitous use of NWORD).

Crawford on Kari Ferrell (Asian): First of all, she wrote a guy a note saying she like to give him a hand job, with her mouth, and she told another guy he could throw a hot dog down her hallway.

I don’t know whether I want to masturbate of vomit. Actually, it’s neither. But from the contexts I’m seeing it in it applies when something should turn you on but is equally (if not more) as sickening. Read the rest of this entry »

ZOG Staged Tea Party Fails, Absence of White Nationalism Rising Stars Richard Poplawski & Shaun Walker MIA With New Contagious Melanoma from Brave Somali Pirates who Raped & Urinated on Captain Phillips Blamed, MSM: Help Wanted!

April 18, 2009

Zionists Crash Tea Party w/Richard Poplawski & Shaun Walker MIA to Contagious Melanoma by Brave Somali Pirates who Sodomized Captain Phillips?
Clearly there’s not enough hate in the free world. Can the failure of the Right Wing Tea Party to accomplish whatever its mission was be placed on the absence of leading white nationalists Richard Poplawski and Shaun Walker? Were they MIA due to contagious melanoma or because they were watching the Somali pirates rape Captain Richard Phillips?

– Scarborough

Hello world! Will Race Destory America? Has Race Destoryed America? Or, Has America Ever Been?

March 22, 2009
Scarborough CreedThe plethora of extremist racial views that exist in our society should be cause for all to be alarmed. As of last week when new Attorney General Eric Holder called us a Nation of Cowards because of what may be perceived as a national tendency to avoid discussions on race deemed necessary to progress us to, well, America.

America never was America to me,” wrote poet Langston Hughes. The poem, written in 1938 addressed the disenfranchisement blacks, as a result of racism and the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, had experienced. Michelle Obama reiterated this old theme nearly 80 years later when, speaking in Wisconsin last February, she said: (for) the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.

Holder’s iteration of this theme, yet again, reminds me of a novel or research paper in which the author subtly reintroduces his main point so that the author doesn’t forget it.

Can you imagine America without racism?