Did Nationally Acclaimed Blogger Byron Crawford Kill Popeye’s Chicken Founder Al Copeland in Dreaded Yakub Melanoma Execution; and if you’re white, do you lather up in sunblock before being around us?

April 25, 2009

Is Byron Crawford responsible for Popeye Founder Al Copeland's Melanoma Execution?

Today’s racism is going somewhere, guaranteed!

I remain intrigued by the growing number of Yakub Muslim melanoma executions occurring around the country and their National Curfew for Whites.  Though I haven’t quite mastered the technique myself, there appears to be something to it; and, I’ve  met several Yakub Muslims.  It (the science) and they are absolutely the most interesting mix of religion and psuedo science I’ve ever come across. Read the rest of this entry »


Channon Christian didn’t get enough hot dogs down her hallways & didn’t give Letalvis enough hand jobs with her mouth & Israel pays for it? Ahmadinejad’s Solution: Iran to Develop Ultraviolet Weapons to Exterminate “Illegitimate Israel & Elvis Presly”

April 24, 2009

Today’s racism is going somewhere! I promise!

Do you like making fun of Asian people? The first link’s to ByronCrawford. The 2nd’s from Racialicious. You got to love a brother with a Boycott Israel banner. It’s the lesser slave mentality thing, in today’s Israel bash, I submit. The militarily lopsided attacks of Israel on the Palestinians makes me think the Palestinians must be niggers(guaranteed non gratuitous use of NWORD).

Crawford on Kari Ferrell (Asian): First of all, she wrote a guy a note saying she like to give him a hand job, with her mouth, and she told another guy he could throw a hot dog down her hallway.

I don’t know whether I want to masturbate of vomit. Actually, it’s neither. But from the contexts I’m seeing it in it applies when something should turn you on but is equally (if not more) as sickening. Read the rest of this entry »