ZOG Staged Tea Party Fails, Absence of White Nationalism Rising Stars Richard Poplawski & Shaun Walker MIA With New Contagious Melanoma from Brave Somali Pirates who Raped & Urinated on Captain Phillips Blamed, MSM: Help Wanted!

April 18, 2009

Zionists Crash Tea Party w/Richard Poplawski & Shaun Walker MIA to Contagious Melanoma by Brave Somali Pirates who Sodomized Captain Phillips?
Clearly there’s not enough hate in the free world. Can the failure of the Right Wing Tea Party to accomplish whatever its mission was be placed on the absence of leading white nationalists Richard Poplawski and Shaun Walker? Were they MIA due to contagious melanoma or because they were watching the Somali pirates rape Captain Richard Phillips?

– Scarborough