Czech Police: No Holocaust Denial; Nigga’s Chutzpah VS Netanyahu’s Balls, True Jew, Fake Jew Debacle & Benjamin H. Freedman: So Called Jews Coined “Anti-Semitism as a Smear Word: Smoke Screen for Communism! Socrates’ Trivia: almost every conflict in the Middle East was started by the Jews

May 22, 2009

Nigga's Chutzpah & Netanyahu's Balls

I’m very fond of Socrates‘ blast on “White Jesus'” Chutzpah or what he calls Jewish arrogance. Now don’t take that to mean I don’t like the Jews. Since David Duke’s arrest for Czech Republic for denying the Holocaust, in fear of the day when the Czech police will rule the world, I modifying the making comments on Israel policy. Though I would never say anything against Israel, anyway – and never have, below, Socrates thrashes the illigitimate regime’s hypocrisy on Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. Albeit, I wonder how he’d feel if it was black Americans who wanted our own stockpile of nukes.

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